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Another five-axle laser system in use in the clean room


Another five-axle laser system in use in the clean room

At the beginning of 2021, the machine park in the clean room of RJ Lasertechnik was expanded by another five-axle laser system.

A total of four laser welding machines with 5 axles are now available in the clean room, which can process both 2D and 3D components.

The expansion of these special production capacities became necessary due to the increased demand for development work and was built at short notice.

The new system was equipped with a laser source from IPG type QCW3000/300 and a Fanuc CNC control with 5 axles. In addition, three axles with linear drives and two rotary axles (X500 x Y500 x Z300 x C+/-90° x A360°) are available for precision machining.

The laser welding of components within the scope of development projects will be carried out on the new facility in a first step. After completion of the development work, the system will also be used step by step for mass production orders. At a later date, another system of the same design will be used for the production of larger series.

Image: New five-axle laser system in the clean room at RJ Lasertechnik

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