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Consistent quality, hole after hole.
Laser drilling.

Laserbohren von Schrägbohrungen unte 25° zur Oberfläche
  • Drill hole diameters from 30 µm with tolerances of < 10 µm
  • Percussion drilling up to around 350 µm
  • Repetition drilling up to 1,000 drill holes/sec.
  • Aspect ratios of up to 30:1
  • Material thicknesses from 0.005 - 4 mm
  • Max. dimensions of 2,000 x 500 x 300 mm
  • Angled drilling up to 65° to the vertical
  • The smallest heat affected zone

The latest generation of laser sources in combination with high precision motion systems allow for the production of micro-perforated structures with very high reproducibility and economic efficiency.

The spectrum reaches from a 30 µm individual drill hole in a metering disc through to several million drill holes in micro-perforated plates of several square metres.

Laser drilling allows for contactless drilling with no force exerted on the workpiece. Thanks to very flexible laser sources with a slim design, largely developed in-house, laser drilling with focusable laser beams can be used even in locations which are difficult to access. This allows for the finest drill holes with extreme aspect ratios and low heat effected zone.

Mikroperforiertes Sieb mit 40mm Bohrungen

Constant further development and experience over more than 25 years ensure not only continuous improvement, but also ever more possibilities.

As a result, if you have a task which may not previously have been possible then you’re in the right place with us. We will find a solution for you.


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